Q. Where should we have our session?

Wherever you feel most comfortable having your session! Your home is always a good option if you have children. Young children seem to be happiest when they are in their happy places! There are plenty of creative and pretty ways to have fun right at home too! Message me and we can brainstorm some ideas. If a session at home is not what you’re after, a local park or pretty garden is always an option. Depending on the time of year, I can recommend where it’s the greenest, or the bloomiest, or the spot with lots of  autumnal splendor.


Q. What on earth should we wear?

Wear what makes you happy and makes you feel awesome. Plan your outfits in the weeks leading up to your shoot. I’m happy to help with suggestions or lead you to stylish places online for inspiration. This blog post is a personal fave when it comes to dressing your family! One thing to remember with kids too is bring an outfit change just in case! Kids are messy all the darn time and getting messy usually translates to big smiles which translates to good pictures…..


Q. Eeek! The weather is bad! My kids are throwing up! What do I do?

First things first. Breathe. If the weather is bad and you were dreaming of big puffy clouds and sunshine for your session, we will reschedule for as soon as it works for myself and you. Same thing go for if someone’s sick. We will pick a new day, and it will be peachy keen.


Q. Can you photoshop my nose and my wrinkles and can you make me look 10 pounds thinner?

No, I will not alter your appearance. I always with each picture brighten a dark areas and correct small blemishes if need be. I correct for color in an image. I want you and your family to look at your pictures and see yourselves as others see you- absolutely beautiful!


Q. Can I share our pictures on social media? Instagram and Facebook?

If I share some of your images on Facebook, Instagram, or my blog, you can hit the share button. In doing so, my name remains attached to the post. If I haven’t shared your images on Facebook and you want to either upload your disc or scan a print, it’s okay if you do two things. The first is you don’t alter the image in any way. The second is you share my information when you upload the pictures. Word of mouth has been the best source of advertising for me, and it’s awesome to hear how someone loved your photos, and now they want to book a session of their own.


Many Thanks!











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