The Cohen Family Welcomes Baby Ezzy

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A few weeks ago I spent a really wonderful afternoon with the Cohen Family, the beautiful Wendy, Asher, Shannon, Brody, and brand new baby Ezra ( Ezzy). It was so nice to just share the afternoon with them. We talked, and laughed, and we took lots of tender images.  I adored seeing little Asher with his new baby Brother Ez. Even Brody the dog seems absolutely smitten with the new baby!  Ezra stayed all wrapped up in Wendy or Shannon’s arms most of the time( the best)  but he had a moment where he was super awake and I was able to capture his sweet little curious stares. There are few things as delightful as a staring contest with a newborn!

Congratulations Cohens, thank you for letting me spend the afternoon with you!


Hutchinson Family- New Jersey Family Photography

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Good evening, and Happy Thanksgiving week friends! I so enjoy this week, mostly because my kids are home, and my husband takes off of work, and we watch lots of movies and eat lots of delicious treats. This year we are baking up some  cookies and tasty breakfast treats. I get so excited about the yummy food. I love seeing my family more, and my friends too. Wishing you all a happy week.

I’m sharing this evening a glorious family session from the sleepy little town of Crosswicks, New Jersey. Talk about charming. This whole town is like something out of a 1950’s movie. I kept waiting to see Don and Betty Draper with Sally and Bobby in tow. Not kidding. It’s just gorgeous. Speaking of gorgeous, that sums up the Hutchinson family. This is my second year photographing them, and they are just lovely people. I so enjoyed spending the morning with them late October.  Kat, Todd, Elinor, thank you for this lovely time spent.

A morning with Kim and her girls || Pennsylvania Family Photography



In writing this post today, I had to look back at my last post prior to this one. It was a very long time ago. Like way back in August. I’ve done what feels like a lifetime worth of things since my last post. I’ve photographed lots of beautiful things, and my heart feels so very full. As Thanksgiving approaches, I feel truly, deep in my heart, gratitude. My favorite part of what I do, is the people that I meet. I’m thankful for all the children who make me smile. I’m thankful to meet brand new parents, and snuggle with their new babies. I love to meet families that laugh out loud, and enjoy every part of their time spent together. As the year winds down, I begin to reflect. And it’s oh so good. Many thanks. Sono Grata.

I’ve known Kim and her girls for a few years now. Phoenix and Kim’s daughter Lily have been friends since they had kindergarten with the same teacher. Kim has been wanting to get some updated pictures of all three girls for a while now, but came to me a few weeks back asking to do it as soon as we could. We chatted about how time just flies by, and especially with kids! They grow just too fast!  We met on a morning when the girls were off of school, and we had a relaxed morning at the park. These four lovely ladies are truly awesome. They’ve been holding each other up and together during some tough times this year. They are all so strong and courageous. Their beautiful spirit was felt in every picture. There was lots of laughter and fun. I had a great time, and I think they all did too.

Thank you Kim, Sarah, Grace, and Lily. xo


Palman family welcomes baby Cadence- A sweet summer family session at home

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A couple of weeks ago I had the privilege of meeting the Palman family at their home for a newborn session. It was such a lovely experience to spend a few hours getting to know them- Leila sat and colored in a book for a bit while Cadence was being fed and we talked about My Little Pony. Once Cadence was happy and fed I had  fun photographing Leila and her parents take turns kissing their newest little family member. Babies are newborns for such a short window of time- while those moments can feel a little hectic and noisy while you are in them ( I remember myself like it was yesterday!) , they are mostly oh so precious, and oh so sweet. I love capturing those moments just as they are. This session is unfussed, non-posed, real life. This is the magic in  the ordinary.

nicolepalman-9685 nicolepalman-9696 nicolepalman-9699 nicolepalman-9710nicolepalman-9718 nicolepalman-9720 nicolepalman-9730 nicolepalman-9737 nicolepalman-9744 nicolepalman-9765 nicolepalman-9788 nicolepalman-9804 nicolepalman-9836 nicolepalman-9861 nicolepalman-9868 nicolepalman-9871 nicolepalman-9874baby cadence nicolepalman-9923 nicolepalman-9925leila2 nicolepalman-9971 nicolepalman-9988leila nicolepalman-2mom dad nicolepalman-0136oreo and cadence

Erica, Jaiden, and Michael – A sweet little morning in Swarthmore


On the blog this morning is a piece of my heart, my best friend, and her family. Erica and I have known each other since we were little girls- We became good friends when we worked together at Gymboree -That was about 14 years ago! Erica is my person- The one I can call at any time of the day with anything and she’s there. We’ve been there for each other so many times. Love her so much. I usually do pictures with Erica and Jaiden each spring- the last three years it’s just been the two of them. This year, we we joined by Erica’s boyfriend Michael- They just celebrated two years together! It was a nice morning, and really sweet to see the love these three share. So cute.

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