Palman family welcomes baby Cadence- A sweet summer family session at home

Lifestyle Photography, Newborns

A couple of weeks ago I had the privilege of meeting the Palman family at their home for a newborn session. It was such a lovely experience to spend a few hours getting to know them- Leila sat and colored in a book for a bit while Cadence was being fed and we talked about My Little Pony. Once Cadence was happy and fed I had  fun photographing Leila and her parents take turns kissing their newest little family member. Babies are newborns for such a short window of time- while those moments can feel a little hectic and noisy while you are in them ( I remember myself like it was yesterday!) , they are mostly oh so precious, and oh so sweet. I love capturing those moments just as they are. This session is unfussed, non-posed, real life. This is the magic in  the ordinary.

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Erica, Jaiden, and Michael – A sweet little morning in Swarthmore


On the blog this morning is a piece of my heart, my best friend, and her family. Erica and I have known each other since we were little girls- We became good friends when we worked together at Gymboree -That was about 14 years ago! Erica is my person- The one I can call at any time of the day with anything and she’s there. We’ve been there for each other so many times. Love her so much. I usually do pictures with Erica and Jaiden each spring- the last three years it’s just been the two of them. This year, we we joined by Erica’s boyfriend Michael- They just celebrated two years together! It was a nice morning, and really sweet to see the love these three share. So cute.

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