-The Thomas Family on Memorial Day – philadelphia lifestyle photography

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Hello and Happy June! I’m very happy to be blogging on this Thursday morning- My kids are home and making me laugh as they sit in the other room telling jokes to each other. My coffee cup is very full of delicious French Roast courtesy of Trader Joes, and my kitty is purring behind me. Life feels simple and sweet.  And while we’re speaking of simple and sweet, I love this session on the blog today. Matt and Hannah are two very dear friends, and they have two gorgeous little boys, Everett and Morgan. I had the pleasure of photographing them a few years back in 2012 ( !!!!)  when Everett was just a wee babe.  Crazy how the time flies!

So the Thomas family is super cute. They have a super cute new house, and a super cute new little guy, Morgan. I met them at their house on Memorial Day, and we spent the time talking, and laughing and just being. It was a relaxed, and I felt like a member of the family almost, just hanging out. There was only one posed shot at the end of the session. That’s it. These sessions are my most favorite. They are real, they are alive. They breathe the everyday wonder and beauty that is Life.

Baby Morgan could not decide if he wanted to be awake or asleep. These are two back to back frames, how cute is he?

Thomas Family, thank you, thank you. I loved spending the morning with you all! Much Love. ❤