A year long offering with MamaOwl Photography

I am worthy, We are Worthy

Maybe you’ll do it because you love him with all that you are.

Maybe you’ll do it because you went through a divorce and have come out on the other side.

Maybe you’ll do it because you lost 50 pounds.

Maybe you’ll do it because you just kicked cancer’s ass.

Maybe you’ll do it for your children, so they can hold in their hands the proof of how gloriously beautiful their mama is.

I hope all of you do it because you …ARE WORTH IT.

You might be sitting in your sweatpants right now, on your second glass of wine.  You’re awesome.

You might chilling out on the train on your way to work already counting the hours till you’re home again. You’re exquisite.

You might be freaking delirious because you’re baby has not slept in weeks and you wonder how on this motherloving earth you can drag your ass through another day. I see you in all of your resplendent glory.

You might wish all of the above was true but instead you’re in a horribly lowly state, battling with a dark depression. You have magnificent strength.

I see you all there, because I have been you. I am you. And in all of those instances, even when I didn’t feel like it was true , I know that it was. I know that I was worth it. I am worth it now.

And so are you. We are all worth it.

This year, I’m working on this mantra in my own life. I’m telling myself I’m worth it every single day. I don’t meet Vogue Magazine’s standards of beauty. 5 foot four and 158 pounds is overweight by the fat calculation people’s  standards but I’m not crying over it. This year I’m hoping to start dancing like I’ve dreamed about forever. I’m actually going to a belly dancing class next week and I’m terrified and thrilled in the same breath. I’m going to eat chocolate every day like always, and if I’m still blessed with life on my  35th birthday this year, I’m going to wear a very pink dress because I love pink.

  In the dictionary the word Worthy means having enough good qualities to be considered important. Two synonyms for worthy are invaluable, and priceless. I thought about these words, and thought about my sweet husband and my children. They are the epitome of these words to me. And I know, that my family would use this definition and these words to describe how they felt about me. Why is our self worth so hard? I’ve decided here is where it’s going to end for me. 2015 is my year to take back those nasty things I think about myself. I’m tired of comparing myself, and my work to “Industry Standards” and Sad looking models. I want to to be happy and I want make others happy.

I want to put your beautiful everything in front of my camera and I want to show you how amazing you are.

Let’s get dressed up Let’s get  your hair and makeup done.  Let’s have a fun day in the city.

How about we call some of your girlfriends?  Let’s  buy a bottle of champagne and let’s celebrate friendship.

Let’s gather your children and let’s head to a pretty park.They can hug and squeeze you and  I promise you will never feel more beautiful and loved.

Don’t worry that you’re not thin enough, or pretty enough.  Don’t listen to the little voices that tell you ” This is vain, I’m being narcissistic. ” And don’t listen to others who tell you that you’re being vain and narcissistic. You are worthy of having a beautiful photo of yourself. One that when you look at, you do nothing but smile.











My hope is to book lots of these sessions this year. I really feel it in my heart that this is the project that I was meant to do.

If you’d like to book, please message me at Mamaowlphotography@gmail.com . You can find detailed pricing for these session on my Pricing page.

Let me Know you want to book an ” I am  worthy ” session!

We will get chatting all of the details and make sure that this session fulfills a dream that you have in your heart. I can’t wait!

Included in this session, is going to be a choice of tangible goodies! Either a Custom Calendar, A Signature Print set, or a Square Print set from my favorite print company Artifact Uprising.

And here is my favorite part. Each person who books a session, I will have them nominate someone they believe deserves a session.  Each month I will choose someone new that was nominated for a completely free session. This will only work if I get lots of emails so tell your friends, tell your family! I’m so excited to hear your stories, laugh with you, cry with you, and move forward with you on this journey of self love.

I would also love to have enough images to make a book. I’m putting it out there, it has to happen, right?



Ryan and Kim’s Wedding Day ~ December 13th, 2014


I’m thrilled to be blogging Ryan and Kim’s beautiful wedding this evening! Ryan and Kim had a bright, sunny, and cold day on 12-13-14! I had such a fun time with Ryan and Kim when we did Engagement photos ; I knew that their wedding day was going to be more of the same. It surely was. The wedding was held at St. Andrews Church in Newtown, and the Reception was held at Rose Bank Winery also in Newtown.

Ryan and Kim were surrounded by their friends and family, and it was a glorious celebration of love.

My favorite part of the day was when we visited a farm after the ceremony where Kim’s Horse Balthazar lives. It was her dream to have pictures with her horse in her wedding dress, and I was so happy to be there for that moment. It was extremely special.

I have to thank my assistant Ralph for helping me photograph the day, many thanks friend.

Thanks to Amanda and her team at Diamonds and Details wedding planning. They all helped the day run so smoothly!

To Ryan and Kim : You two were so fun, sweet, and lovely to work with. Wishing you joy and love and lots of happiness for your future!

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Jared and Becky Wedding at The William Penn Inn ~December 6th 2014


Hello, and happy 2015 all!

Hoping you’re all having a fantastic start to your year! I’m starting off the first post of the year with one of my December weddings. I had three last month, and they were all so wonderful. I enjoyed  how the festiveness of the season was incorporated in to these weddings. They were so dazzling and bright.

Today is Jared and Becky’s December 6th wedding that was held at the William Penn Inn in Gwynedd, outside of Philadelphia PA.

There were so many awesome moments of Jared and Becky’s day that I will remember forever, but my favorite part to witness was Becky’s face after she looked at herself in the mirror after she got in to her dress- Her face was jubilant, vivacious; all of her dreams she had of this day were coming true.

Many thanks to Ralph Nardell for helping me shoot this wedding, his shots are amazing as always.

To Jared and Becky: I’m so happy to have had a part of your wedding day! I loved our day in the city taking engagement pictures, and I had so much fun meeting your family and friends at your wedding! Wishing you both love and abundant happiness in the days ahead.

❤ Audrey

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