Sweet Baby A || Pennsylvania Newborn Photography


This has a been a rough winter. Snow, Ice. Snow, Ice. Shoveling. Power Outages. Too many days with my kids home from school! Really I’m not the complaining type, but I am so so so looking forward to spring. I think for sanity’s sake alone, many feel the same. Today the temps are a lot warmer, and the birds are chirping. I even spied a patch or two of grass!  ( albeit brown and dingy. ) It’s coming!

One thing that got my mind off of the weather recently,  was a sweet newborn session with little Miss Baby A .   Something about being with a newborn baby makes all my troubles melt away. This was such a fun session.  We were able to get lots of cute shots with mom and dad, and lots of perfect little sleepy shots too. Towards the end we got a wide awake shot that might be one of my favorites ever.


I love this family picture with the dogs. We got lots of sweet baby smiles during our session!

mamaowl photography-9459


mamaowl photography-9480


mamaowl photography-0011


mamaowl photography-2-3


mamaowl photography-9493


mamaowl photography-9509


These next two melt me.


mamaowl photography-0045

mamaowl photography-2-4


We dressed he up in some bows and blankets.  Her amazing hair was still the star of the show though.


mamaowl photography-2-2


mamaowl photography-2-5


mamaowl photography-2



I’m forever in love with the little baby, big bed photos.

mamaowl photography-9517


Of course she woke up when we took her blanket off.  Oh my gosh, how cute right?


mamaowl photography-0075


And I just love this next one. Mommy love perfection.


mamaowl photography-0176



And once she got warn and settled again, she let me take one more. Wide awake and perfect.

mamaowl photography-0260


Thank you dear baby for coming and letting me take your picture.

You were a little dear.