Beth and Mike || Philadelphia Engagement Session


A few weeks back on a perfect Sunday in June, I met up with Beth and Mike for a morning of engagement pictures. Beth and Mike are beyond lovely and sweet, and the morning flowed so nicely. We met in Rittenhouse Square, and then just strolled through some of the side streets and alleyways. We stopped for a quick change and drink break at Good Karma cafe, a really cute cafe close to Fitler Square. If you’ve never been, just go! You’ll love it.

Thank you Beth and Mike for a lovely morning, it was such a pleasure!


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Angela and Jim|| New Jersey Wedding Photography


Tonight we are playing rewind on the blog, to exactly one month ago, to Angela and Jim’s wedding at Tavistock Country club in New Jersey. It was my complete pleasure to photograph their day, they are a wonderfully fun couple.   We started with getting ready photos at the hotel for the bride and her girls, and the guys all got ready in Philly at the groom’s parents’ home.  Then it was off to West Philly, where the whole bridal party met at  Blanche P. Levy park on the campus of University of Penn. Angela and Jim had their first look there, which was one of my favorite moments of the day.    From there it was off to the country club for the wedding and reception. The sky opened up right before Angela walked down the aisle, but the rain did not dampen the day! From beginning to end it was gorgeous.  Huge thanks to Ralph Nardell who helped me photograph their day, Thank you Ralph!

Angela and Jim, it was a complete honor and pleasure. Best wishes and Thank you!


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mamaowlphotography-8681 mamaowlphotography-8706 mamaowlphotography-8750jim_angela_preview-20  


mamaowlphotography-8777 mamaowlphotography-8785jim_angela_preview-19


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mamaowlphotography-9672 mamaowlphotography-9986

Chamblin and Eric || New Jersey Engagement Photography


What a fun day I had in Atlantic City a few Sundays back with Chamblin and Eric for their engagement session! It seemed like it might not happen with the weather being a little iffy that day- but in the end it all worked out.  While it wasn’t a gorgeous day at the shore, I think the weather set the mood for some really cool pictures. Atlantic City means a lot to Eric and Chamblin, it’s a place they’ve enjoyed hanging out over the years. Eric used to live in AC so he’s pretty familiar with the area.  We met up at the famous Tony’s Baltimore Grill, a place that hasn’t seen much change in the last thirty years.  I love little time capsules like this. Chamblin and Eric dressed amazing and I photographed them as they snuggled at the bar. They ordered a pizza, drank some beer, and played some tunes on the jukebox. I really enjoyed being with the two of them, I just know their wedding in July is going to be amazing.  I shot the whole day alongside the lovely  and talented Chelsie of Dependent on the Winds.  She was filming the video for the engagement,  and will be doing the wedding video too. So cool to spend the day with her, and this awesome couple!!

mamaowlphotography-0014 mamaowlphotography-0032 mamaowlphotography-0048 mamaowlphotography-0066



mamaowlphotography-0157 mamaowlphotography-0167



2mamaowlphotography-0318 mamaowlphotography-0330 mamaowlphotography-0351

After some lunch Eric showed us the house he lived in during the summers when he lived in AC. The walk was nice, we found some cool spots  along the way.

mamaowlphotography-0363 mamaowlphotography-0409 mamaowlphotography-0455 mamaowlphotography-0472

We headed over to the casino for a quick change in to some beach clothes, but ended up shooting a bit in there too. I love these next shots, sexy , classic, and timeless- Which is probably exactly how I would describe Chamblin and Eric, go figure. Have I mentioned how excited I am for their wedding?

mamaowlphotography-0495 mamaowlphotography-0520 mamaowlphotography-0573 mamaowlphotography-0586 mamaowlphotography-0598 mamaowlphotography-0609 mamaowlphotography-0616

The beach was  foggy and chilly- The awesome thing was that it was empty and we were able to get shots with no one in the background except for  a few passing seagulls.

mamaowlphotography-0652 mamaowlphotography-0670 mamaowlphotography-0678 mamaowlphotography-0705 mamaowlphotography-0712dippy 1 mamaowlphotography-0718 mamaowlphotography-0774

Again I can’t say enough how fun it was to spend the day with these two. Chamblin and Eric, thank you for being so great.  I will link Chelsie’s video here as soon as it’s completed, can’t wait to see it!

Sweet Little Sophia || Pennsylvania Newborn Photography


Oh gosh this is a cute one. I knew it was going to be from the moment Jennie told me she was pregnant a few months back ,and then messaged me to let me know Sophia had arrived.  I have been photographing Jennie and John and their son Aidan for the past two fall seasons. Aidan is adorable, and Jennie and John are adorable, so of course baby Sophia is …Adorable! Sophia has copious amounts of hair, and big pretty eyes. She was awake most of the time, only sleeping the last few minutes of our session.  There were a few big yawns, and lots of big eyed stares. I can already tell she’s in love with her big brother, who was happily giving Sophia lots of hugs and kisses all morning.  It was a happy morning for me, and it was wonderful to share some lovely moments with this beautiful family. Thank you Baek family, you are all so wonderful. xxoo


mamaowlphotography-6141 mamaowlphotography-6204 mamaowlphotography-6213 mamaowlphotography-6220 mamaowlphotography-6233 mamaowlphotography-6249 mamaowlphotography-6253 mamaowlphotography-6306 mamaowlphotography-6324 mamaowlphotography-6501 mamaowlphotography-6523 mamaowlphotography-6556 mamaowlphotography-6576 mamaowlphotography-6636 mamaowlphotography-6670 mamaowlphotography-6826 mamaowlphotography-7014