The Sobel Family – ( Pennsylvania Maternity Photographer)

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Hope everyone is holding up in this oppressively humid weather we’ve been having! Yikes! I’ve been resorting to lots of icy cold showers and frozen watermelon. And as a family, we’ve become amateur pospsicle makers. Our favorite?  Pudding pops of course,  just like this Guy.   Yummy! There is some good after all coming out of this super hot weather! I have to say, photo sessions in the heat can get a bit well, sweaty. I have had to reschedule a few sessions to wait for cooler weather.  However, the session I had with Alia, Mike and Kylie, despite it’s steamy temps, was gorgeous. Alia is pregnant with her second, and we met at Ridley Creek State Park for a few shots of her and her husband, and her cutie pie daughter Kylie.

They are one super cute family.

Kylie is the queen of cute funny faces.

Kylie warmed up to me pretty quick, but she was very happy to have her special monkey with her to hug. It’s always good to have your best friend there for you for photo shoots.

Alia is a beyond gorgeous woman, and she looked so elegant the evening we met. I couldn’t help but be drawn to these pretty little yellow flowers that were blooming up around the mansion. Did I mention it was like 98 degrees this particular evening? So pretty!

It was such a fun little shoot, thank you Alia, Mike and Kylie! Can’t wait to meet the new baby! Here’s one last shot of Kylie, she wanted to sit in the grass like Mama.

Stay cool everyone!!


A Lovely Love Story ~ Pennsylvania Wedding Photography


So this is truly a Lovely Love Story. Yes, it is a story of love between  two people, Meg and Jason, who named their wedding day, A Lovely Love Story, which was based off the book , A Lovely Love Story, by Edward Monkton. ( That’s a lot of love!)

The story is a tale of two dinosaurs.

The two dinosaurs meet each other and instantly fall in love with each other despite their flaws and quirks.

The last few lines of the book, go like this :

“Together they stand on the hill telling each other stories and feeling the warmth of the sun on their backs

And that my friends is how it is with LOVE.

Let us all be dinosaurs, and Lovely other dinosaurs together.

For the Sun is Warm.

And the world is a Beautiful Place. “

Find the Complete Story Here

Here is Meg and Jason’s  Story.

A gorgeous day from start to finish, I was so happy to be there.

This is really big blog post, I just loved so many shots, I couldn’t decide.

Huge thanks to my amazing friend Ralph Nardell who helped me shoot this wedding.

I am so grateful.

Pictures started with the girls getting ready.  I met Meg and her bridesmaids at  Salon Bella Gente located right on State Street in downtown Media PA.

Meet the Groom.

The very dapper, Jason.

The next few  photos were captured by my very lovely and talented friend Ralph. Thank you!

Here’s an awesome benefit of living in a small town like Media. You can stop in any store and feel like family. So many were happy to wish Meg a happy wedding day!

Off to the wedding!  The Wedding ceremony  was held at the amazing Hedgerow Theater in Rose Valley, just a few minutes from downtown Media. The Hedgerow was the perfect place for a Love Story! Meg and Jason put their personal touches everywhere!

Ralph Nardell

Ralph Nardell

Ralph Nardell

The Best Lady.

Man of Honor.


Meg and Jason chose not to see each other before the wedding.

But they did give each other’s hand a squeeze.

Ralph Nardell

Ralph Nardell

Ralph Nardell

Ralph Nardell

Ralph Nardell

Ralph Nardell

Ralph Nardell

Ralph Nardell

Ralph Nardell

Stopped back in Media for some more pics…these were some of my favorites!

Ralph Nardell

Ralph Nardell

Ralph Nardell

Ralph Nardell

Reception Time! Reception took place at the High Point in Malvern, Pennsylvania. Meg and Jason did an amazing job decorating the place like a scene from a movie.  Add the perfect amount of setting sun and it felt like we were in a movie. Just Gorgeous!

Ralph Nardell

Ralph Nardell

Ralph Nardell

Ralph Nardell

Ralph Nardell

It was an amazing day, start to finish. The details were exquisite.Thank you so much Meg and Jason for being so fun, and making my job so easy!

A few credits:

Music for the evening: The amazing band Browntown

Catering by House cafe

Flowers by Natalie Graham

find her here : seven stones cafe
Maggpie Vintage for some of the decor

Kari Anne for the invitations, save the dates, programs (karrianneartsy at etsy)

Kevin Antreassian- he did sound and recorded the  wedding album

Tommy Draper- Photobooth

Becky Lee from Blueberry Bog- sewing and details

A Dining Under the Stars Story.


Today was day three of photo class , and we talked a bit about telling stories with pictures. The assignment I left my students with was to tell a story tonight with pictures. It could be anything their night consisted of.

I decided to do the assignment as well, and me and the family headed out the door this evening for Dining Under the Stars in Media.

State Street in Media is transformed into an  al fresco eatery, with mostly all the restaurants participating.  Media locals , and not so locals, enjoy a quite unique experience.

The Shops  stay open too, and most have fun things for the kids to do.

We made Peace Flags at Seven Stones with Denise Yocco,  made some sculptures with Drew Arata and Bob Deane at Earth and State, and got a quick bite at Seven Stones Cafe.

The streets were filled with couples and families.

That’s what I notice most about this event. It really brings out the love.

Fresh air, the setting sun, how could it not?

Media has an amazing thing going here.

If you’ve never been and want to go, this is a summer event every Wednesday Night, weather permitting.

I do it for my Heart.


All this week I have the very distinct honor of teaching photography to a group of Middle School and High School students at the Swarthmore Library. If any of my students are reading this, hellooo there! You rock. For real. And thanks for taking the class! Doing this class this week has had me thinking about what I would want to teach someone else about the art of photography.There are a lot of things to learn about taking photos. There’s light. There’s composition. There’s knowing your equipment.

But that’s not it.  While those elements are crucial to the art, that’s not why I take pictures, because I have an understanding of those things.

I do it for my Heart.  I just love it.  That camera in my hands just feels more right than anything. There is so much beauty that surrounds us, and I feel like it’s my heart’s duty to capture it. Color, movement, emotion, moments. Can that be taught?

I take dozens of pictures a day. I take pictures of my feet, pictures of my wine, pictures of my own face. I take pictures of  my cats, pictures of my food, I take tons of pictures of my awesome daughters. I force my friends in to impromptu photo shoots in hallways, alleys, and fields of wildflowers. Light inspires me, shadows inspire me, the perfect props inspire me.

And on top of that, I get to work at what I love for a job. Tears stream down my face on a regular basis, I feel incredibly blessed.

I am doing what I love in taking photos.

My heart feels like it’s going to explode sometimes with joy.

I told the kids in the class today to go home tonight and practice taking some pictures. I wasn’t sure if I was going to do the assignment myself. I’m definitely a person that likes to participate, even though it was me giving the assignment.

I walked in the door, grocery bags in my hands. Tired. Hot. Now on to make dinner.

I go and check on my kids and husband.

And there it was.



That moment, the one I couldn’t pass up. My heart, I could hear it. Thumping wildly out of my chest.  Quick, grab my camera.

Lindsay and Dave,the zombie slayers – Pennsylvania Engagment Session


First things first, welcome to my updated blog website! I’m super excited to have this up and running, huge huge thanks to Matt Campbell for helping me with all the little details. You rock dude!


And now, time for some love.

Meet Lindsay and Dave.



We started off this session just like any other engagement session I’ve had. There was kissing.There was hugging. There was hand holding.




There was a picnic.




And then there were zombies.



That’s right . From up there on the hill.

At first, there was panicking.

Sheer terror.


But wait, they didn’t come unprepared. Dave of course, carries his zombie apocalypse ready pack with him at all times. Of course!



Oh Swooooon.They knew it was risky, but they decided to fight. Aim for the head!



These zombies were not messing around.


This little guy, beyond  ferocious.



Armed with a machete, and a broken bottle, they kissed one last time before the zombies reached them. Would it be their last??





One by one, the zombies started dropping.




Lindsay and Dave prevailed.


A heart shaped zombie pile was made.There was much rejoicing.






The End…….

Or is it?









I would like to thank Lindsay and Dave and their whole entire family for helping with this shoot on a super hot day.

Ya’ll were amazing.



Wishing everyone a happy, zombie free week.