The Suter Family.. Pennsylvania Family Photography

To say I loved this session would be an understatement. I adored this session. Winter to me is all about being cozy. A mug of tea, a cozy cardigan and staying inside is pretty much the idea. As for wintertime photos, the coziness continues. I just love when families call me and say they want to do a session in their home on a chilly Saturday morning. Cozy photos speak to me on a level like no other. It’s the real life, the day to day. These are the moments you will remember as your children grow older.

Bob and his wife Leah, and their son Bobby live in a sweet little house, in a sweet little neighborhood. And guess what? They are super sweet. I watched and snapped away as Bobby played with his toys, played with his mom and dad, and played with the kitty, Mr Potter.
Towards the end of their session, we headed outside for a few shots as the sun was going down.
Bob and Leah thank you for a lovely time at your house.
Hope to do it again soon.