Googley eyed


Is anyone else out there a googlehead? I am such a googlehead. I google movies, and quotes, songs and of course, photos. Sometimes I have a fixed image or song that I’m looking for. I google, I find, I’m out. But other days, whhhhhhhoa. One photo leads me to the other. One song leads me to many more. And then an hour goes by. Or two or three.

Well today was one of those days. Rainy days tend to do it.   Here’s what I googled today.Here’s what inspired me today.

Audrey Hepburn. Gosh I love this lady.

She is the gold standard for classy lady. She is a woman of so many fabulous looks and hairstyles.
Her inspiring style is resonated all through out Hollywood today, which leads to me to my next googley obsession.
Young Hollywood Fashion. Love all of these actresses. 
Michelle Williams.

 Emma Stone.

 Alexa Chung.

 Emma Watson.

 Zooey Deschanel. ❤

Audrey Tatou.

 Last night I watched the Adjustment Bureau. Emily Blunt is gorgeous.

Natalie Portman. Her hairstyle here is my new inspiration hairstyle. Eeeep. Google is awesome for hairstyles!! 
Ok here’s my other recent googley image obsession. Nerdy glasses. I can’t help it.
I love em. But I can’t rightly give them a shout out with out giving a shout out to the lady who made them originally popular. 
Lisa Loeb I still love you and your style. 🙂 

 Zooey rocking some seriously cutie frames. 
Oh, and a googlefest wouldn’t be complete without some owlies.
Baby owls in a bucket? 
Yes Please. 
Stay dry guys. And happy googling of your own. 

Sun Worship ( Pennsylvania Bridal Photography)


This photo session has been in the works for a while. Like oh, a One year and 4 month while. I had asked my mom last year if I could borrow her wedding dress for some photos. I wish I could fit it. But alas, my momma was one tiny little bride, and I don’t have one tiny part about me. Sigh. But, I do have tiny friends!! And my friend Tiffany, who loves my mom, was honored to dress up in it for me. I’ve loved this dress since the moment I saw it. When I was a little girl, I used to pretend I was Juliet, and wear this dress around the house quoting Shakespeare in a British accent. My mom had this dress made for her in 1973,  for 65 dollars. It still looks perfect. My momma was a flower child Bride, she wore daisies in her hair. The dress to me looks like a cross between Juliet and Jane Austen’s Emma. Thank you Mom, for letting us use it, for letting it inspire this very special photoshoot.

The sun was Magic on Monday. I’ve been waiting a while for a night like this to head out and shoot!!

All the photos were shot in Ridley Creek State Park.

The last shots of the night, I shot with my newest lens addition, the Lensbaby Muse, which I’ve been trying to work with when I get a chance. I love it’s varied, whimsical, dreamy results.

Tiffany, thank you for lending to me a few hours of your time for this. I love you lady!!
Momma, thank you for lending your wedding dress, Thank you for holding on to it, keeping it perfect all these years. I love it and you!!


Looking for Cary. Cary Grant.


The other day I posted a photo of Cary Grant on my Facebook page. Sigh. Cary Grant. The first movie I ever saw with Cary Grant was Notorious. I was probably 11, and I remember falling in love.  So dapper. Soooo handsome. My original Mr. Dreamy.  It was more than just him I was falling for. It was his look.

I mean, C’mon.

Here is Cary with Ingrid Bergman in Notorious.

Who is today’s Cary Grant??

Here are my tops in the Sharp dressed swooners of today.

Numero uno is this man. Swoooooooon. Adrian Brody.

And this one. Joseph Gordon Levitt. Yowza.

Classic, timeless dressing. A tie. A clean look. A three piece suit if you want to impress!!

Sometimes I get messages from my female clients- What should my husband, fiancee, boyfriend  where for our photos? Here are some fantastic ideas. This look, the classic sexy man, never ever dies.
 And I know I speak for ladies everywhere, when I say, that we would allllll love a little Cary. We would all love for the man in our lives to dress the part, even if it’s for a photo.  We’ll let you wear your boxers and sweats around the house. Not for the photos though!

I’m always happy to help dress ya for your photos. I love clothes almost as much as I like taking pictures.  I dare the next man I photo to pull off a Cary Grant look. Which leads to the next post?

What would Cary’s Leading Lady be wearing?

Would LOVE to hear your thoughts!!!

And what other actors/musicians are pulling off some dapper look?

Happy Wednesday!!

Kristin and Dave…..( Pennsylvania Wedding Photographer)


I met Kristin and Dave just 7 short months ago. How did we meet? Well, it was over a mutual love of ………..Owls. Yep. Owls. You see, Kristin teaches the Library class that my daughter attends. While registering Phoenix,( my daughter) for class, she saw that my email address was Mamaowl photography. She looked at my website. She liked what she saw.  But had my my photography name been anything else, she might not have chosen me! ( Except for Little Panda Bear Photography, Kristin loves Panda bears almost as much as owls).  As I’ve gotten to know Krisin these last few months, I’ve fallen in love with her style, her sweet and caring heart, and her creative spirit. She has done design work for years, and she has an adorable shop on ETSY.  She is a wonderful Library teacher, my daughter, and all the kids adore her. And Dave, well, he is just as sweet as she is. The two balance each other out perfectly.

I had big dreams about their wedding day, involving lots of gorgeous summer light, and big chester county fields. But alas, dreams don’t always come true. July 8th 2011, was probably one of the worst weather days of the whole summer thus far. TORRENTIAL DOWNPOURS.  But it can’t be sunny all the time. Rain does happen. And it did NOT put a damper on this day. Thanks to lots of creative whimsical touches put together by Kristin, everything was beautiful.  We got creative, we worked it out, and most important of all, two very special and dear to my heart people got married.

Kristin and Dave, love you two. Congrats.

Kristin’s dress was gorgeous. Her headpiece, handmade herself. Flowers, also, designed and created by her. Gorgeousness.

What do you do when there is a giant hot tub in your hotel room?

Get in it of course.

This one is gonna be hard to top for me for a while. Love it!!!

Did I tell you I had a fantastic assistant at this wedding? Well I did!! Miss Megan got these shots in the Lobby while I was with the boys. Love em.

The ceremony was supposed to be outside, but because of the rain it was moved inside. Some shots of the boys before the wedding.

The Groom.

Suspenders and newsboy caps. Love.

Love these ones. The guests all had streamers. Kristin said she did for the pictures. Love her!

Still raining come portrait time. I was able to get some shots of Kristin and Dave outside, but we did something a little different with the Bridal party.

  Megan and I worked hard making some fun props that we were hoping we got to use. We did!!

Loved the girls matching cocktail rings, a gift from Kristin. She proposed they be the maids in her wedding with the ring!! What a great idea!!

We did get outside for some sweet shots of the Bride and Groom. There was a small window when it was not raining!!

It was a gorgeous Day, despite the rain. Kristin and Dave, I was so honored, love you both so much.
Hope you guys are living it up, surfing and mountain climbing in Hawaii!!!!

Thanks to my assistant Megan, you rock girlfriend.

Caught on Film…. Summer moments

Henry David Thoureu
 Summer is one of those times of year that I love. I revel in the warm weather, sipping my coffee on the porch in the morning,  and and enjoying a glass of wine on that same porch 11 hours later. Summers are for moments. Moments spent laughing, moments spent exploring, moments spent enjoying time with the ones you love. I love summer. This has been a busy summer for me, many hours spent working, both in the home and out. Exhausting at times, but for the most part wonderful, and exhilarating. And a big learning summer as well. I’ve learned so much from others. And so much about myself too. Growing and growing.
I picked up some of my film the other day. These are just a few moments. Moments that were all mine. Passing through moments. Summer moments. When the air was sweet moments. Inspired by the sun, or the color, or the way the sun and colors met. 
And said Hello. 
Hello Summer. 

 Nikon N60
Film Fujifilm Superia
400 speed

Waiting in the longest line ever to see Florence and the Machine.
 I almost had my camera confiscated by security.
When they realized I was shooting Film they let me have it.
They laughed a little at me.
And I loved it.

Playing with Flash Filters
Phoenix the princess

Tyler Arboretum

Love at my feet.

 These below were taken with my Oktomat camera, 8 lenses, each snapping an image in about the time it takes you to blink. I’m loving the very interesting results, and can’t wait to play with it more.

Flare at it’s finest. I  love love love when this happens.
Taken July 1st, on the most beautiful night of the summer. 

Painting our cafe 4th of July weekend.

She stands just like me.

7 Stones Cafe, Media PA
My 2nd Home, My Heart.
And my Beautiful Sister.
She’s extraordinary.

Sharing a moment. 

The end…for now, I’m not done. I will never be done.