Leslie and Jason…… ( Pennsylvania Wedding Photography)


Hot enough for ya?? I don’t even think Hot is the word! Scorcher, Painful, Oppressive, Ghastly- They are the words that come to mind when I’ve stepped outside the last few days! Yikes!! I can’t wait for this heatwave to break. I even had to cancel a shoot scheduled for today because of the weather! Hopefully we will be getting a break some time soon!  Hopefully the weather will return to the way it was on July 1st, just three weeks ago. That was the night of Leslie and Jason’s Wedding. It was the most perfect summer evening- 78 degrees, and NO Humidity. It does not get better! And being there, capturing their special day was such a joy for me. Leslie and Jason could not be nicer, and they could not be more perfect for each other. The wedding was small, and took place in Malvern PA at The People’s Light and Theater Company.  It was a perfect location for Leslie and Jason- The wedding was in the garden on the most perfect evening in July. Leslie and Jason met me before the ceremony for some shots just of the two of them. The LIGHT WAS INSANELY GORGEOUS!!!!

I loved all the little details of the day. The button boutonierre, the fresh from the garden bouquet, and Leslie’s antique Jewelry, and of course the shoes. Love the shoes.

While there were no Bridesmaids or Groomsmen, Leslie and Jason did have some special roles for their nieces and nephews. I love when children have a part in a wedding. They always are fun to photograph!!

Love these of Leslie and her momma.

Some more Family Photos….

And then it was time for the ceremony. Short and Sweet, but full of emotion. Jason’s niece and nephew were the cutest ringbearers.

And then it was lots of friends, lots of family, lots of hugs, kisses, drinks, dancing, food. These are just some of my faves.

Leslie and Jason, Thank You Thank You for letting me share in your day. Thank you for being so wonderful, for being super relaxed, and making my job so easy. Many Many blessings to you both on your marriage, and new life together.



Gretchen, Nick, and Savanna! The Rooney Family ( Pennsylvania Family Photographer)


This one was a treat. I’ve know Gretchen a long time, and was super happy to spend an evening with her and her super sweet husband Nick, and their gorgeous little Savanna. It was super hot and humid, but we had a great time. Savanna hardly noticed the heat, she barely stopped for a second!

We met at Swarthmore College, one of my favorite places to shoot. This is where Nick proposed to Gretchen a few years back.  Savanna is extremely photogenic……

Savanna gave me many faces that day. A sample of the many faces of Savanna.  The second, my personal fave!!

I just love these next two. Heart melt.

Did I mention Savanna’s Love of Running?? Just call her Marathon.

 When she’s not running, she likes to help out. I booked her for my next wedding as my assistant. Honestly, I don’t think she’ll have a problem getting folks to smile.

My assistant after all the working and running was rather tired out. We took a few family shots, and then daddy and Mommy made Savanna fly a bit.

Here’s a few more I just have to share!!

Savanna, Gretchen, and Nick, it was so fun. Thanks for coming out and braving the heat!!! I have all the photos ready for you to see! I can’t wait to meet and photograph baby number two,   which is on the way in the winter!Thanks again guys!!


The Akerman Family ( Pennsylvania Family Photographer)


Hi all! I’m a little behind on blogging my sessions, this time of year seems to just Fly by!!!  I feel like it’s the time when we all just want the hours go a little slower, to sit back and relax and just enjoy the sunshine with something cool to drink. ( I’ve been enjoying my Martha Stewart Living magazine just a little too much).  Maybe, that’s why I like photographing others so much. For that brief hour, time does stand still.  And what a gorgeous hour it was a couple of weeks ago with Diane and Brian, and their son Vincent. I met them at their home for some very Joyful relaxed photos. 

Vincent was a busy little guy, he was moving almost the whole time.


We headed outside, it was a beautiful morning. I love how all 1 year old babies touch the grass like it’s the most wonderous thing in the world.

Vincent Loves to Fly. And he flies pretty high for a 1 year old.

My Favorite.

Mom’s pretty good at making Vincent fly too. Love these.

Before Vincent headed off for his nap, there was a few group hugs. Ok, lots of hugs.

Brian, Diane, and sweet little Vincent, it was a pleasure to meet you all. Thanks for waiting for your pictures, they are all ready.

And to everyone, the summer is speeding by!! I would love to capture a little bit of it for you! Message me to book a session, before the summer’s over!! 

Things that Inspire….Part 1


About a month ago, I had posted some photos of my sweet Dad,  and explained how influential he was in inspiring me to take photos. I had been wanting to share some of his work sooner, but life inevitably has got in the way of plans.  I’m back to do it now, and spent a few minutes this morning scanning in my favorite photos.

My Dad photographed life as he saw it. He told stories with the camera. A true photo journalist, in my opinion. He often saw the behind the scenes, saw what no one else might have noticed. I love looking through his albums.  His album from Spain is one of my favorites. He went there for my Uncle’s wedding, but there are few pictures of the wedding.  He photographed the streets of Madrid. Rich scenes that tell the story of what life was like there at that time.

 And he photographed a few people that have always had me wonder about them.
Who is this man? Where was he headed?

And this little girl? Was there music? Or was she dancing to the music in her heart?

This one is my favorite photo of my Aunt Esperanza. So beautiful.

And of all the pictures of my mom that my Dad ever took, this one is my favorite. I love her expression, her outfit, the scene. A perfect photo. She is so incredible.

I’ll be back to share some more, I’m only getting started with the scanning process. Recalling my dad’s work, has inspired me in so many ways. I’ve lately been playing with my Film Cameras. I’m excited to finally take my Dad’s camera in for the repair it needs. And lately, I’ve been toying with the idea of building a darkroom. This is something that I know will take time, and work, and lots of patience…..but if I succeed in learning I know that if will be rewarding. If anyone has any insight on the process, I am all ears.

Happy Tuesday!