It’s Unofficially ………Summer!!


Well folks, we still have twenty two more days till it’s official…but the signs were all around this weekend! Everywhere I turned summer was there…….

Summer was there when we shared blueberries on the porch. 

And when I was greeted with water squirters this morning…

Summer was most definitely there watching the girls splash around in the kiddie pool. Definitely hot enough for the pool!

Summer was there this evening too. The girls made chalk drawings as the light turned so summer sweet, like golden honey. 

We all had a bit of fun playing in the magic light. 

We played with the last bit of summer light as the the girls said goodbye to grandma. 

Summer by far is my favorite season. How are you planning on enjoying your summer? 

Happy Unofficial Start to Summer, hope you have a beautiful one!! 


Shannon and Chris ( Pennsylvania Engagement photographer)


Over the next two weeks, I’ll be featuring my November Brides and Grooms on the blog….First up is Shannon and Chris. Shannon and I went to Middle School and High School together, so it’s been great to catch up with her again! It feels like yesterday we were writing plays together in Mrs Pilaggi’s 8th grade playwright class! How the time just flies! 
Shannon and Chris are having an all Philly wedding. They live in the city, work in the city, walk all over the city, and know the subway schedule like the back of their hands. Seriously, you could quiz them! On to some photos, we decided for engagement photos, we would head to Kelly Drive, where Chris and Shannon got engaged. This is the bench where Chris proposed. It’s their spot!

We took a walk from the bench along Boathouse Row, up to the Art Museum. It was a rain threatened day, we came prepared with cute Umbrellas of course!

Love the old Boathouses along the row. They are just gorgeous. You can have a wedding in them you know, as long as you’re having a small one that is. Max Capacity in this one is 50 or so! 
 But so picturesque! 


We walked over to the Art Museum from here, and I just loved these trees. 

The Azalea Gardens are so pretty. If you’ve never seen them in bloom, it’s a must. Whenever I’m here, I see brides and grooms. It never fails. 

 We made it to the Art Museum, of course were we met with lots of Rocky Runners, and folks taking photos. It’s an Iconic spot.


 Shannon and Chris, I had a great time with you two!I’m glad we didn’t get rained on!  I Can’t wait for your wedding, I know it will be great!!

New Glasses….taking a moment to cleebrate the change!


So today, my oldest daughter Raven got glasses. Apparently, this is something that has been bothering her ( not seeing that is!! ) but she really was afraid of the way she would look with glasses. I’ve talked it over with a few folks this week, and most of us agreed, glasses are NOT what they used to be. Gone are the days of thick lenses, and wire frames. Now glasses are stylish, cool, and a wicked fresh accessory! So when we picked up the frames, she put on her new glasses. She blinked. She turned around in a circle. And said, “Cool, much less Blobby.” But then she turned to me and said ” But how do I look”?? 

Well Raven, I think you never looked cooler. What do you think? 

Brothers ( Pennsylvania Family Photographer)


How’s everyone doing??? Is this weather making anyone else feel a little wonky?? Usually each year, I switch out my wardrobe, changing my winter clothes for summer wears. This year, with the weather’s unpredictable disposition, I’ve decided to just leave everything warm in my dressers for a while. One minute, it’s sunny and hot. 10 minutes later, a northerly breeze is kicking up, with rain shortly following. It’s making me a little nutty. I love summer. I love warm. I’m still waiting. And so is everyone else I guess! The strange weather hasn’t put too much of a damper on photos though. You do not need the sun to take pictures. ( Even though I’m missig the big big sunflare shots!) Case in point, last Saturday. I had a lot of fun with some really adorable brothers, Matthew and Andrew. Ohhhh they were cute.  And they made me laugh!!
Andrew the older brother, was the king of funny faces. 

Matthew, who was just turning two, was such a sweetie.

Because Matthew’s party was later that day, his family was visiting them from Brazil. I loved this picture of the boys with their grandparents and mommy!!
And love these with Mommy as well!!

This one of Andrew just cracked me up!! 
Matthew and his Dadddy, both wore the cutest shoes ever. But I can’t show you them together. Matthew apparently does not keep shoes on for too long!!  Here’s Matthew’s shoes…..
And here’s Dad’s, with Matthew’s feet!
And speaking of Matthew and Andrew’s dad, well let’s just say that I know where their silliness comes from!!

And here’s the non silly out take! ( I have a feeling the silly one is going to make it framed!)

And here’s a few more that I loved, I could go on and on………

I would like to thank you Borden Family for an amazing session with you and your extended family!! It was so much, fun, I could have blogged almost every picture, you are all so photogenic!!

Here’s hoping for the sun, and some warmer days ahead. I am now available to book weekday evening sessions, now that its lighter later. I will be booking sessions on Monday and Wednesday evenings,  now through September. 

Happy, Happy Monday!!

Sunday and Izzy ( Pennsylvania Dance Photographer)


I had a fantastic time last Thursday afternoon, with my friend Sunday, and her friend Izzy the snake. I’ve had some funny comments about Izzy since I posted a few of the pictures. It’s amazing how many people are afraid of snakes!! I have always LOVED snakes. Ever since I was a little girl, they have fascinated me. I used to go out almost every summer night in search of snakes when I was 8. So doing this photo shoot, in no way freaked me out. Truth be told, Izzy is completely, calm, completely docile, and easy to photograph. Easier than cats and dogs for sure. And he is  gorgeous. His strong snake body made up completely of muscle had me snapping away with the camera.

I love their fork tongues!! I had to be fast to catch it!!  I only did maybe three times. 

Sunday, like Izzy, was amazing, and stunning wearing her complete Belly Dance outfit. She’s only been Belly Dancing for about a year, but looks like a pro when she dances. Her love for the dance shines through with each move she makes. She decided to take up Belly Dancing because she always wanted to try. Even though she works and  is a busy mom, she works her love of dance in to her schedule. 

  We shot these photos at about 5:30, when the light was working for us. I am so happy that warm sunny days are here, and we can all celebrate it’s splendor. 

Here of some of my favorite dancing shots:

And this last one, well it might just be my favorite. 
Sunday, I loved, this so much!! Thank you for contacting me, and thank you for asking for my help with this. You are a strong inspiring woman, and a role model for girls and women looking to follow their dreams and hearts. I’m even thinking of trying out some type dance class myself!! You’ve inspired me!!

Thank you.